Experience At Booth Enables Fast Promotion For Shoff


"Since I started working on my MBA four years ago, I've had three position changes. I've progressed from a Plant Engineer to Maintenance Manager, to Operations Manager. Last month I was promoted to Refinery Manager, tasked with the facility's safe, compliant, and profitable operation. My facility is the world's largest re-refinery, where we recycle used motor oil into high quality engine and hydraulic oil products something I'm very passionate about."

A differentiating strength to the Chicago Approach to business education is integrating the concepts of accounting, and economics with other courses such as marketing and strategy. This approach and these classes provided the technical foundation that senior management expects and demands from someone expected to take ownership of a P & L."I feel that the "softer" skills I learned at Booth - finding organizational opportunities, developing teammates, and keeping the big picture in mind - are what prepared me for my biggest career moves." Shoff adds, "My favorite classes in this respect were Power and Influence in Organization with Heather Caruso, The Firm and the Non-Market Environment with Marianne Bertrand, and Nicholas Epley's Managing in Organizations." Shoff noted that just as important in developing these skills were everyday interactions with exceptionally talented and driven classmates in group work settings or after class in the Midway Club.

Shoff has had multiple opportunities of bringing the classroom to the workplace. When he saw the management of production outages, called Turnarounds, was not where he thought it could be he stepped up and volunteered to take charge of managing the next turnaround."Working with our maintenance and operations teams, we planned as never before, trying new suggestions and techniques, and scrutinizing every task's time and cost allotment against expected benefit. With a total team effort, we completed the shutdown 40% faster than ever before. That extra time helped meet us meet production targets that otherwise would have been unobtainable. Most importantly, those techniques are now a part of how we have planned every Turnaround since"

Jason is currently Refinery Manager at Safety-Kleen, living in the Greater Chicago area.

Students at Booth experience opportunities to gain applicable hands-on experience that make them invaluable to their organizations.

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