Chicago Booth Wins 3rd Consecutive MBA Cup


A beloved tradition of Chicago Booth students is the MBA Cup, an annual charity event co-hosted by University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Kellogg School of Management, Loyola GSB and DePaul Kellstadt. The goal of the event is to raise funds for the Greater Chicago Food Depository through contributions.

The MBA Cup features a full-day of outdoor events held as friendly competitions among students from the participating schools. Points are awarded to the winning teams for the various events.

Chicago Booth won for the 3rd consecutive year in a row- and below is a recap from our MBA Cup Committee.

“Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2013 MBA Cup! From fundraising to athletics, the Booth Community pulled together to ensure a Booth win for the third year in a row!

Below are some of the highlights of the fundraising and athletic competitions, but I would like to thank everyone who participated, volunteered and competed over the past few months. This is truly a victory for the entire Booth Community!

MBA Cup Committee

A special thanks to the members of the MBA Cup Committee, which included Kate Besser, Jorge Freddy Martinez and David Interdonato. These three put in a great deal of time and effort to make this year's MBA Cup possible.


The fundraising effort was a big success this year. Booth raised over $9,500 and claimed first place in the fundraising competition!

We are particularly appreciative of the efforts of the following donors who played a major role in leading Booth to victory: 

The effort was helped in large part by Booth's Corporate Sponsors: Emerson Process Management, Collective Media, ZipFit Denim and MorrisAnderson.

Booth also received large donations from two students: Dale Buczkowski and David Interdonato.

The fundraising effort was also supported by a free autographed copy of the Book Nudge, donated by Professor Richard Thaler , which was raffled off for charity.

Additionally, several students and student groups organized fundraising events to raise money for the Cup, including Tom Prendergast and the Poker Club organizing the MBA Cup Poker Tournament, Christopher Coolman and the Golf Society organizing the MBA Cup Golf Tournament, and Alex Rutkowski and Kate Besser organizing the Social Event Fundraiser at Lizzie McNeill's.

Moreover, several students helped to collect funds from other students, including Bobby Leith, Mukund Prasad, Anand Chavali, Anthony Roth and Andy Langlais who helped by selling raffle tickets at the Boat Cruise and Ankush Chauhan, Sabrina Su, Mukund Prasad, Ravit Ansal, Rahul Trivedi and Anand Chavali who helped by soliciting donations at the Gleacher Center.


Booth was also victorious on the athletic fields, finishing first in 4 events. Moreover Booth was the only school to not finish last in a single event at this year's Cup. Thank you to all who competed and especially to the team captains who took a leadership role and prepared Booth for victory. 

In Softball Captain Craig Murphy led the competitive team to a first place victory against DePaul.

In Basketball Captains Tom Yang and Brian Walsh captured first place, with the Booth A team defeating Kellogg in the finals. 

The Volleyball team beat Loyola in the finals, under the leadership of Captain Chaitanya Kovvuri. 

The Tug O' War Team led by Captain Dan McDougell took first place, defeating Loyola in the final round. 

The Dodgeball team, under Captain Jorge Freddy Martinez, came in second place after a hard fought battle against DePaul.

In Recreational Softball, the Booth team took second place after defeating Loyola in the preliminary round.

The Recreational Volleyball team took second place to Kellogg early on in the day. 

The Relay Race Team took second place in a close race at the end of the day. 

In Women's Basketball, the Booth team led by Kate Besser captured third place after a hard fought battle against Kellogg.

In Kickball, the Booth team led by Matt Candela came in third place, after a victory over Loyola.

The Women's Tug O' War Team finished third after a close loss to Kellogg.

I would also like to thank Holly Shearer, Caitlyn Olofsson and Jeremy Siefken from the Program Office for providing us with guidance and support throughout the process.

Congratulations to the entire Booth Community for our victory in this years Cup!"