Alumni Who Have Impacted What We Eat 2


Last time I blogged about one of our alumni who, as CEO of Weightwatchers International is on the point for weight reduction. While we all think about our weight at times, sometimes you just want to enjoy one of America's favorite foods; a hot from the oven pizza.

This week I wanted to share the story of another of our Booth Evening MBA alumni, Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino's Pizza. If you have seen any of Domino's new advertisements, you have seen Patrick. He is the reticent co-star of these commercials, right along with the new and improved pizza he spearheaded.

Before his rise to the CEO of Domino's Patrick discovered that many people had an upside down confidence-to-competence ratio. Many people have a lot of confidence in their ability, but if it cannot be backed, you cannot deliver on the promises you make. He came to Booth to ensure that he had the skills to be able to handle whatever problems came his way. We knew that the right ratio was 1:1. He took this philosophy to Domino's where he turned around the 50-year-old company whose sales were flagging and the brand was admittedly tarnished.; Patrick put together a multi-million dollar ad campaign and turned the pizza ordering into an "experience". He put his reputation on the line by putting his face front and center in the ads admitting the mediocrity of the old pizza and promising a new experience. Not only was he confident, but given the changes he had put in place, knew his company was competent and would deliver on the brand promise to the consumer.

There are many great articles out there about Patrick and the amazing job he has done at Domino's since taking over the reins since 2010. Here is just one for you to check out.

George Andrews
Associate Dean