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How To Become Wiser, Younger

Leadership is a choice. At Booth, students develop leadership skills through a set of learned actions. Professor Linda Ginzel talks about teaching leadership frameworks and how understanding four main determinants can impact your ability to lead effectively. Read More »

Teaching Private Equity at Booth

Every year, we see more and more students interested in Booth's suite of PE classes, internships, experiences, and resources as they are thinking about business schools. Adjunct Professor Christopher McGowan teaches PE/VC Lab at Chicago Booth, where students prepare for careers in private equity through classroom instruction, internships with local firms, mentorship with industry leaders, and networking with people in PE/VC investment. Hear Professor McGowan's take on what it means to learn private equity at Chicago Booth. Read More »

RSVP for a Booth Student-Hosted Event in Your City

Wherever we may be during the winter break, students will be hosting informal gatherings throughout the globe for prospective students like you. Student-hosted events are a great way to learn more about the Booth community and student experience from those who know it best. Read More »

KitcheNet Pursues Delivery Solution for Food Insecure Communities

The Rustandy Center recently sat down Trista Li, a current joint Chicago Booth and Harris School student and cofounder of KitcheNet, a social venture that aims to make fresh food affordable and accessible by delivering weekly grocery boxes to low-income insecure communities. Read More »

Booth Students Invite You to Campus

The fall quarter campus visit program is in full swing and welcomes visitors on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, until December 1st. You will be provided with plenty of opportunities to engage with current students, including an interactive Q&A session, a class visit, building tour, and lunch with students. Read More »

Luck vs. Skill in Real Estate Investing

Professor Joseph L. Pagliari worked with a team of five students on a year-long commercial real estate investment competition, which allocates $1 billion in theoretical funds to student groups from 32 different universities competing for the highest portfolio return. Read More »

An Insider's Guide to Impact Investing: Q&A with Josh Rogers, '15

Ally Batty from the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation reached out to Josh Rogers, ’15, a senior associate at impact investing firm Advantage Capital, to discuss which Booth programs and resources are available for students pursuing impact investing. Read More »
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