Worldwide Booth Night

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Tampa Bay

Catch up with former classmates, meet new colleagues, share memories of your Booth experiences, and find out what’s new as you raise a glass together in Tampa Bay.

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Jon Alexander, '14
Scott Brinner, '04
Michelle Brinner
Michael Chupa, '96
Scott Collins, '13
Michael Dourney, '02
Michael Dourney, '02
Tammy Dowd, '06
Meggie Ford, '17
Michael Funsch, '97
Candy Goodwin
Harry Haigley, '81
Rob Holoboff, '97
Sewell Jamie
buck jones, '72
Andy Keaton, '97
Mo Krausman, '87
Jeff Kuster, '97
Jay Miniati, '02
Pam Miniati, '96
Mike Miniati, '96
Theresa Morelli, '08
Erik Sewell, '14
Mona Shah
Haitang Wang
Fred & Joan Whittinghill, '65