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Portuguese Wine Tasting

October 18, 2006


Adega Alentejana
Rua Cincinati, 12 - Brooklin
Sao Paulo, SP

Driving Directions:
Corner of R. Pensilvania


Members: R$ 45
Non-Members: R$ 45


Register via Email
Register by Fax: (11) 5019-1175, a/c Monica Zaize

Other Information

Please, send your deposit receipt to confirm your presence to M�nica Zaize.

Deposit info:
Jackson Ricardo Gomes, CPF
Banco Ita� S/A (banco 341)
Ag. 0262
Account 29.392-1
Tel: +55-11-8369-8120


Rodrigo Medeiros, '03

Event Details

We are holding a Portuguese wine tasting this month at "Adega Alentejana". We hope that it will be one of several events of this type for our alumni club. The Wine Tasting has an attendance limit of 15 seats. We highly suggest that you confirm your presence ASAP.

Lecturer: Manuel Chicau (Adega Alentejana's owner)
Presentation: About the selected wines.

The selected wines include:
CSR Tinto, 2003 (Alentejo)
Terroso Tinto, 2001 (Douro)
Quinta da Alorna Rerserva Tinto, 2003 (Ribatejo)
Casa de Sabicos Reserva Tinto, 2002 (Alentejo)
Quinta da Falorca Reserva Tinto, 2001 (D�o)
Porto Burmester LBV, 2000

Sausages, bread and olive oil will also be served.