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Happy Hour - TNDC Tropical

March 21, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Break out of your routine and into a new taste experience. This month we welcome current students on break. Fine beers are the highlight. Learn more.


Rey Castro Bar
R. Jesu�no Cardoso, 181 - Vila Ol�mpia
S�o Paulo, SP

Driving Directions: Please call or check online:
Rey Castro Jesuino Cardoso 181, V. Ol�mpia - (11)3044-4383, 3044-0716


Happy Hour with special tasting package of imported beers.


Member Cost: R$ 35
Non-Member Cost: R$ 35


Register via Email
Register by Phone: (55-11)3068-8040
Registration deadline: 6:00 PM, Friday, March 17, 2006.

Other Information

Special thanks to:
Alexandre Castanheira ('03) - event organization 'Bier & Wine' - beer tasting
Carlos Frederico Gon�alves ('07) - road trip coordinator
Thomaz Srougi - ('05) - new admit welcome chair

All members of the University of Chicago Community are welcome to attend as are their guests. We especially welcome members of the classes of 2006 and 2007 who will join us for this event - taking advantage of the academic break to tour Brazil. Admitted candidates for the class of 2008 are also very welcome. This will be a great time to pick up tips from those already on campus.


Alexandre Castanheira

Event Details

Participants in this special Happy Hour event will be able to enjoy a tasting of the following beers:

  • Erdinger Tradicional (clara)
  • Erdinger Dunkel (escura)
  • Erdinger Pikantus (bock)
  • Warsteiner Premium Verum (clara)
  • L�wenbr�u Tradicional (clara)
  • Hofbr�u M�nchen (clara)
  • Spaten (clara)
  • Spaten Optimator (escura)

There will be commentary by a beer expert (cervej�logo) and supporting materials. We thank 'Bier & Wine' for sponsoring this special touch.

Your event fee covers: water, soft drinks and appetizers served from 7 - 9 pm. Those who choose to stay longer may opt to purchase additional items separately (including the beers from the tasting.) However, no cover charge will apply to our group.