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Offshore Software Development and Business Process Outsourcing in Pakistan: Opportunities and Challenges for US-Based Companies


December 10, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Chicago GSB Pakistan Club


As the North American economy improves after years of sluggish growth, how will the demand for software and business process outsourcing services evolve in the US, and how can Pakistani companies compete in this changed landscape? Learn more.

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Gleacher Center
Room 300 (3rd Floor)
450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive
Chicago, Illinois

Shoaib Abbasi, '85
Founder and President
Strategic Systems International

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4:15 Introduction
4:20 Presentation and Q&A
5:00 Social Hour

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K. Rizwan Kadir

Event Details
Since 1999, Strategic Systems International has used an on-shore / off-shore combination to develop a suite of supply chain software products for the manufacturing and publishing industries, and implemented these applications at companies such as US Steel, Weyerhaeuser, and Newsweek Magazine. Recently, SSI has leveraged its strong technology and analytical expertise to provide outsourced labor deployment functions to hospitals, and strategic sourcing strategies to healthcare systems.

In addition, the firm provides software development services to an emerging financial data and services provider through a rapidly growing dedicated team.

This presentation will provide an overview of expected software and services demand, our experience in marketing software and related services, and recommendations on how Pakistani entrepreneurs can best position themselves to compete with firms from India, China, and Eastern Europe.

Speaker Profiles:

Shoaib Abbasi, '85
Founder and President, Strategic Systems International

Shoaib Abbasi is the Founder and President of Strategic Systems International, a software development and business process outsourcing firm that specializes in supply chain and analytical solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services industries. At Strategic Systems, Mr. Abbasi is responsible for business and product strategy, product design, and consulting services. Mr. Abbasi's consulting and project experience includes work for global companies such as US Steel, Weyerhaeuser, Newsweek, Spiegel, Arthur Andersen, Elf Atochem, Fuji Photo Film, and Kraft Foods.

Before founding Strategic Systems in 1991, Mr. Abbasi served as Director of Applications Development at General Optimization, Inc. a developer of mathematical optimization tools. In that role he provided consulting services to firm's clients in the manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and financial industries.

Mr. Abbasi earned an MBA from Chicago GSB, and Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degrees in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.