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Network, learn, socialize, and stay connected with Chicago Booth alumni in your area.

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John Salvino, ’06; Finance Roundtable, Chair  
Richard Thoroe, ’07; Finance Roundtable, Co-chair   
Dustin Weinberger, ’06; Corporate Finance, Co-chair   
Scott Kemper, ’06; Investment Management, Chair
Leslie Lichtenstein, ’07; Investment Management, Co-chair 
Guy Lakonishok, ’09; Investment Management, Co-chair
David Smith, ’06; Investment Management, Co-chair
Olu Rosanwo, ’15; Investment Management, Co-chair
Vern Broders, ’94; Leadership/General Topics, Chair  
Kevin Clarke, ’08; Leadership/General Topics, Co-chair

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Chris Crabel
401 N Michigan Ave, Suite 900 
Chicago, IL 60611