Connect Gmail to Your Outlook

Outlook can be connected to Gmail by downloading and running the G-Suite sync tool. Follow the instructions below to connect your Booth Gmail to Outlook to send and receive Booth email.
Download G-Suite Sync
  1. Close Outlook, if running. 
  2. Open a browser and go to
  3. Click on the Download G Suite Sync button.
  4. Click on the Save File button.
  5. Browse to a save location on your machine. 
  6. Locate the file on your machine and double-click on it. 
  7. Click on the Yes button to install G-Suite.
  8. Enter your Preferred Booth email address in the Sign in with your Google Account.
  9. Google launches a web browser to complete the sign in.
  10. Select an account or use another account to login.
  11. Sign in to authenticate with your CNetID and password.
  12. Review the tasks you will allow G-Suite to interact with Outlook. 
  13. Click on the Allow button.
    a. You may send crash reports and usage statistics to Google.
    b. Under Advanced options you may turn off AutoArchive of mail. 
  14. G-Suite setup is complete.
  15. Open Outlook and select a profile to open.
    a. G-Suite will create a new profile when you sync.
    b. If you already had a profile in Outlook, multiple profiles will be listed in the drop-down.
  16. On first launch, you will see a synchronization status.
    a. This may be unchecked so it doesn’t run each time Outlook starts.

It is very important to use your Preferred Booth email address when syncing Outlook with Gmail. 

To download these instructions with images in a printable PDF, click here.  


For questions or assistance, contact the Booth Help Desk at +1 (773) 702.7414 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m. CDT or via email at