GSB speed networking event with Michigan and Carnegie Mellon Bus Schools

Business Book Roundtable

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of New York City

June 24, 2008: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

GSB Alumni Club of NYC is co-sponsoring a Speed Networking Event in conjunction with Ross B-School (Michigan) and Tepper B-School (Carnegie Mellon)


Red Sky Bar and Lounge
47 East 29th Street (btwn Park and Madison)
Manhattan, NYC, New York




Register Online

Deadline: 6/23/2008


David Hogan 


Other Information

Speed networking is based on the idea that the usual way businesses gain new contacts or clients is by networking – meeting to talk to people and exchange ideas. Traditional networking events, like conferences and receptions, are often not as productive because people usually tend to relate with those they already know, and wouldn’t normally walk up to absolute strangers, even though there are likely to be people in the room who would make valuable contacts. In a speed networking event, people are given a structured environment in which they can talk to people they wouldn’t otherwise have come into contact with, and can quickly decide whether there is a mutual interest without the need for polite or unnecessarily long conversations. In our event, alumni will be given 3.5 minutes to talk to a potential contact, and are then will be moved on to another alumni. At the end of the session, business cards can be exchanged.