SMPIG: Transformation Readiness as Strategy

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

November 20, 2015: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

After a brief hiatus, the Strategic Management Practices and Issues Group will reconvene on November 20 with our routine of early morning discussions every third Friday.


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In 1999, Joe Pines and Jim Gilmore laid out a thesis of economic evolution to explain what they identified as the emergent strategy they dubbed The Experience Economy. The press hype of Big Data, Cloud, Social Media, Mobile, the Internet of Things or the bundle many refer to as the Digital economy continues to force continuous change that touches every aspect of the economy.

To compound matters, every company whether global or not, face challenges due to the increased speed and diversity of the business environments—in terms of growth, rate of change, and harshness. Many companies find their strategies and business models suddenly out of step with their environments.
Any chance to avoid "boiling-frog trap," depends on an ability to both recognize the problems and invested capabilities to remedy it. Ideally, the only way to avoid a painful and risky step-change transformation is by adopting a strategy built on Transformation readiness.

After a brief hiatus, the Strategic Management Practices and Issues Group will reconvene on November 20th, our routine of third Friday early morning discussions. Our focus topic will key off several articles related to the convergent industries and talk Transformation Readiness as Strategy.

Unless your meetings or commute interferes, you should be able to join us for a virtual video-conference call beginning at 7:30 am CST using a very simple to use conferencing tool called ZOOM.

Discussion will be limited to 20.* This insures that participants can exchange ideas and learn from one another. The technology has been rated high for its audio clarity, video quality and ease of use. As is customary, we ask that you register to participate and we will then send you the links.


What does Transformation readiness mean? The following articles should help you distinguish and strategize or at least fuel your thoughts

1. You Don't Need a Digital Strategy. You Need a Digitally Transformed Company

TECH CRUNCH Posted Apr 18, 2015 by Tom Goodwin

2. Transforming the business through social tools

McKinsey Survey results 2015

3. Strategic Choices in Converging Industries

MIT-Sloan Review, Fall 2013


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