The University of Chicago Alumni Club of Belgium invites you to take part in first "Ryder Club Belgium" Golf Competition, organised in the format of EU competing against the US.


Cleydael Golf & Contry Club
Groenenhoek 7-9
2630 Aartselaar, Belgium

Event Details

Take part in the first "Ryder Club Belgium" Golf Competition organised in the format of the well-known "Ryder Cup" which makes the EU compete against the US every two years.

This competition will give the opportunity to alumni from US schools and EU schools to share their passion on a golf course – of course, with the objective to win the trophy!

How to participate? Please send your full name, handicap and license number to the responsible captain of your school; Benoît Lacheron, '08 (EXP-13).

How are the teams set up? If you want to enroll as a team, send the full names,
handicaps and license numbers to your responsible or clearly indicate your teammate.
Teams can only be composed with players from the "same continent".
Without any notice, teams will be made by your school golf captain.

Is there a maximum handicap? The maximum handicap is 36. A participant with a
handicap greater than 36, will be allowed to play BUT with a playing handicap cut to 36.


53 €uros


Register By Email

To register please send your full name, handicap and license number to the captain of your school; Benoît Lacheron, '08 (EXP-13).

Deadline: 11/13/2015


Benoît Lacheron, '08 (EXP-13) 

Other Information

School Captains:

University of Chicago - Mr. Benoît Lacheron 
Harvard University - Mrs. Salomé Cisnal de Ugarte 
Stanford - Mr. Dirk Wauters 
Columbia - Mrs. Capucine Rosenfeld 
MIT - Mrs. Julia Gessner 
Kellogg - Mr. Stéphane Coste 
Bocconi - Mr. Alessio Aresu 
INSEAD - Mr. Max Denys 
IMD - Mrs. Fernanda Rodriguez