You are invited to the panel event "The Age of the CEO." What is your experience with the age of a CEO? The more experienced the better? Or the contrary? Come hear the discussion.


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It seems to be the case nowadays that one has to be young to run a disruptive business. In the Silicon Valley you can find many examples of successful companies run by young people. Is the "age-rupture" trend extending to old Europe and in particular to Belgium?

Let's look around. New industries are populated by young people. The boldness runs the game and experience is not the most important factor. If you take it literally, you should only hire a 30+ years old CEO for such a venture.
On the other hand, an established industry requires the CEO to be more experienced and recognized by the establishment.

Questions for the debate:
What is your experience concerning the age of CEO?
The more experienced the better? Or the contrary?
What kind of role plays 'the age' during the interview?
What do young and experienced leaders have in common? How do they differ?
Do CEOs have some universal skills that are independent of the age?
What about family business? Do we find more and more young CEOs involved in it?

These questions and many others will be explored and debated by the following panel:
Professor Ludo van der Heyden, INSEAD
Luc Bertrand, CEO of Ackermans & van Haaren
Herve Laitat, CEO of Abelag

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Benoît Lacheron, '08 (EXP-13)