SMPIG: How Old metrics may strand you strategically

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

February 20, 2015: 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM

Please join us to explore the impact of changing metrics. Be sure to register early as seating is limited to keep the discussion lively.


Sopraffina Marketcaffe
222 West Adams Street
Chicago, Illinois

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In business, frequently used measures such as ROI express value as an account of benefits returned for time and energy spent. Metrics serve to focus an organization's efforts in a particular direction, ideally strategic. Less effective and proximate measures of value, though persistent may confound management leaving the business vulnerable in their wake. Are you using measures formulated in the past or the present to guide your future?

Digital technologies increasingly offer new measurement opportunities and provide information easily, widely and more incisively. Actions don't exactly speak for themselves, but social technologies and their measures continue to erode long held assumptions about consumers that proximate measures sustained. Newer measures forced transformation in several industries, changing the meaning of their standards and their understanding of added value. A recent study by Bain found that of 300 companies, none were surprised by the arrival of these new innovations but 80% had not fully formulated a response.

Questions once difficult to answer can now be easily investigated at lower cost. Odd data once classified as errors or anomalies turn into insights, and either validate or dismiss weak assumptions in your business model. Organizations capable of asking the right questions become ever more critical to formulating strategy. Please join us to explore the impact of changing metrics on Friday, February 20th at 7:30 am at Soppraffina Café at 222 W. Adams.

Please register as Seating is limited to keep the discussion lively. As is our custom, we have identified a series of articles below that we ask you to review in advance and bring your questions along.

Note a write-up of the January discussion around growth challenges for McDonald's and Coca-Cola is now posted on our blog and we look forward to your comments. See



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Bain's study and understanding of the state of "digical" transformation:
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