Social Innovator, Calvin Chu, '09 (AXP-8) of Eden Strategy Institute will discuss its pioneering approach to shared value, using real case studies.


University of Chicago Booth School of Business
101 Penang Road
Singapore, Singapore

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More companies are finding their competitiveness mutually dependent on the health of their stakeholders, and are finding a need to better engage with their customers, employees, investors, partners, and communities. Innovative firms that can provide superior long-term access to broader segments of customers are able to realise new profit streams from meeting their social needs, while those forming deep linkages with their suppliers and distributors are able to secure more productive value chains. Visionary corporate leaders are leveraging on their organizational competencies to collaborate with governments, non-profit organisations, and social entrepreneurs, redefining the impact of capitalism today.

Join social innovator Eden Strategy Institute in discussing its pioneering approach towards Shared Value, using real case studies to examine how Shared Value breaks the perceived trade-offs between corporate social responsibility and shareholder value. This interactive session will cover the means through which different Shared Value business models have worked across different industries, and detail a systematic framework with which participants can uncover Shared Value in their own companies.



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Deadline: 12/10/2014


Calvin Chu, '09