We are excited to announce the second event of the "Chicago Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum Japan" (CHIEF-J)


Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC
No.1 Seminar room
Hibiya Kokusai Building 5F, 2-2-3, Uchi-saiwai-cho
Tokyo, Japan

Event Details

This time, we are inviting two high-profile young entrepreneurs as keynote speakers. Dr. Tomohiro Takei, founder and president of MAKOTO Incorporated Association, will speak about "How to Build an Entrepreneurial Eco-System (in Tohoku)", and Mr. Toshihiko Honkura, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Biosystems Inc., will talk about his challenges to bring disruptive innovation to the life sciences.


JPY 3,000 per person

Your fee will be used solely for the operation of this event


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Deadline: 10/31/2014


6:00 PM-6:30 PM: Registration

6:30 PM-6:40 PM: Opening: Kyota Narimatsu, '11 (AXP-10), President, Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Japan

6:40 PM-7:20 PM: “Change Japan from provincial area! Creating Venture-ECO-System –MAKOTO’s challenge”

7:20 PM-8:00 PM: ”Bring innovation to medical procedure with disruptive technology from Japan”

8:00 PM-8:10 PM: Break

8:10 PM-9:10 PM: Panel Discussion: “Power of technology startup from universities. Its potential to accelerate Japan”

9:10 PM-9:15 PM: Closing

9:15 PM-10:00 PM: Networking Reception

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Tomohiro Takei (Speaker)
President, MAKOTO Incorporated Association

Born in 1974, Tomohiro Takei earned his Ph.D. from Tohoku University, specializing in biology. Ever since his undergraduate days Tomohiro has been engaged in many activities, with a passion for contributing to the Sendai, Tohoku area. After working as the Technology Transfer Coordinator at Tohoku University, he was in charge of sales & marketing at Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.

In 2007 he joined Tohoku Innovation Capital Corporation (TICC) as an Investment Manager where he worked on venture investment and support. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, he was driven by a deep sense of responsibility to contribute to the revitalization of his hometown Tohoku, the area that was hit by the recent disaster. He has worked on various projects such as establishing 'The Supporting Fund' for the disaster area and organizing the ICT International Forum on reconstruction assistance.

He left TICC and founded MAKOTO in July, 2011. Tomohiro has been selected as a Kauffman Fellow organized by The Kauffman Foundation in U.S.A., and is serving as a liaison between Silicon Valley and the disaster area.

Mr. Toshihiko Honkura (Speaker)
Co-founder, President, & CEO, Quantum Biosystems Inc.

A co-founder of Quantum Biosystems Inc., Toshihiko represents the company as both president and CEO. After a genome research project at the University of Tokyo, he went on to gain ten years' hands-on experience in business management and investment analysis as a manager at McKinsey & Company and the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), a public-private Japanese fund. He has a master's degree in Analytical Biochemistry from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from Columbia University. The scientific and business management acumen he brings to the team affords the company excellent and tested leadership.

Shin-ichi Sato , '07 (AXP-6) (Moderator)
Specially Appointed Professor, Tohoku University

Shin Sato started his career as a systems engineer at Hewlett-Packard Japan. After moved to Motorola in 2000, He lead strategic alliances with dozen of startup companies and brought new business opportunities to Motorola. After that, he worked as a senior investment manger in Japan-Asia Investment Corporation (JAIC) in 2007-2009, as a Japan representative of Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC) in 2010-2014.3, Currently he is a member of launching team of the venture investment project in Tohoku University.

Nori Kurokawa, '09 (Speaker)
Partner, The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd.

Nori is a partner at The University of Tokyo Edge Capital (UTEC) focusing on seed and early stage physical science and life science investments. He currently serves on the boards of high-tech startups including Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd., FLOSFIA and Quantum Biosystems Inc. His passion is to support and cooperate with academics and entrepreneurs who have industry-changing ideas. He earned his PhD in Applied Physics from Osaka University followed by an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Shinichi Sato, '07 (AXP-6) 


Other Information

CHIEF-J (Chicago Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum Japan) is a sub-group of the Chicago Booth Alumni Club, established in April 7, 2014 for the purpose of encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship between Chicago alumni (and extended communities in Japan). We are wishing to grow this small activity into a solid platform of making people's dream real by continuously planning and executing various networking events, seminar sessions by successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, or Japanese academia, and others that may have good seed technology of innovations.

Founding members of CHIEF-J:
Neil Faust, '91, Chizuru Hoshi, '12, Masaaki Ikeda, '14 (AXP-13), Yusuke Karita, '11 (AXP-9), Naonori Kurokawa, '09, Takeyuki Kuroki, '94, Kyota Narimatsu, '11 (AXP-10), Shinichi Sato, '07 (AXP-6), Goji Shiohama