Scaling Up Technical Excellence: How to Attract, Retain, and Grow Your Talent

Haas Alumni Network of U.C. Berkeley

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of San Francisco

September 18, 2014: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Expand your knowledge of how start-up and major companies manage their talent and build technical leadership for their core products.


U.C. Berkeley Extension -- Belmont Center
Suite 400
1301 Shoreway Road
Belmont, California

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Event Details

Did your senior engineer not show up to work this morning? Or did you just find out, during a coffee break, that your technical director has jumped ship and you will be late releasing your new product? You are now left wondering how this will affect the company's profitability and your stock options.

HR and Engineering leaders face these challenges in their companies every day. So how do you build and keep technical core teams together while providing the right incentives and environment to perform at the highest level? Expand your knowledge of how start-up and major companies are managing their talent and building technical leadership for their core products.

Luca Leone '06, CEO of Albelissa Engineering, is hosting a session with business leaders, spanning from VP of HR and Engineering to CEOs. We will discuss, in a closed environment, how they manage technical talent, build and maintain successful technical core teams, which propel their companies to success.

The event is co-hosted by the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of San Francisco and the Haas Alumni Network, University of California Berkeley. Registration required.


No Charge


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We are providing a light continental breakfast.  Please sign up in order for us to plan accordingly. 

Deadline: 9/17/2014


9:00 AM-10:00 AM: Business Leaders Panel Session

Speaker Profiles

Luca Leone (Moderator) '06
CEO, Albelissa Engineering

CEO at Albelissa Engineering where he is currently responsible for global growth and expansion of company's core competencies in new verticals.

Previously IT Director with General Electric Corporate. His responsibilities at GE included cost out and expense targets, strategic planning, re-engineering and optimization of IT operations, deployment of global support teams across multiple lines of business, negotiation with third parties, offshore outsourcing, operations management, start up operations, staff management, third-party services integration, change management, client and vendors relations.

Including roles prior to GE, his background embraces over 20 years of experience interfacing with technology-intensive customer environments, providing advice and project management for very large-scale deployment of IT support services.

Manuel Terranova (Speaker)
CEO, Peaxy Hyperfiler

Manuel Terranova is CEO of Peaxy, Inc --a high-efficiency software-based storage solution-- specifically designed for the emerging "Big Data" marketplace.

Previously, Manuel served as the SVP of Regional Operations and Global Sales for GE Oil& Gas' Drilling & Production Unit. His responsibilities included a 5.2B order book and oversight of D&Ps nine customer-facing regions.

From December 2007 through February 2010, he served as the head of Subsea Production Systems and Commercial Operations at GE Drilling & Production Systems. In the role, Terranova managed GE's subsea production equipment portfolio, including subsea trees and controls.

April 2006 through December 2007, Terranova served as GM of GE's PII Integrity Services. In the role, Manuel served as the business leader for Integrity Engineering, Integrity Management, ThreatScan, and GIS software.

From April 2002 through April 2006, Manuel Terranova served as the GM and CIO for Information Management at GE Oil & Gas. From May 2005 onwards, Manuel worked extensively on company-wide due diligence and acquisition integration activities.

From 1999 through March 2002, Terranova served as Manager of E-business Strategy for GE's Corporate Initiatives Group. During 2001 and 2002, he led GE's SupportCentral effort; a knowledge portal that he co-founded with two other GE employees.

Before joining General Electric, Terranova served as Internet Program Manager of the Xerox Internet Channel and Marketing Group (ICM). Based out of Xerox PARC, he was responsible for designing and implementing e-business solutions for

He graduated from Cornell University with degrees in German Literature and Political Science. At the Johns Hopkins School of International Studies (SAIS), he obtained a masters degree in International Economics and International Law.

Manuel speaks German, Italian and English and holds triple citizenship.

Madie Cheruvu (Speaker)
Vice President of Human Resources, Oracle Corporation

Madie Cheruvu is the Vice President of Human Resources at Oracle Corporation and has over 18 years of International HR experience in the High tech industry. She has excellent credentials as a strategic business partner to C- level executives and is known as a HR leader that can deliver results while managing change and complexity. She currently runs HR for the Development organization at Oracle where she has built a world class HR team, delivered several talent management programs and effectively integrated Oracle's various acquisitions into Development. She is passionate about HR Business partners using Analytics and helping leaders make data-driven decisions.

Paula Ewanich (Speaker)
Coaching and Organizational Consulting, The Coaching Fellowship

Paula has over 15 years experience working as a Human Resource Executive in small and mid size high growth global organizations. She has a reputation for building highly valued HR Teams, implementing M&A strategies, while fostering environments known for transparent communication and flawless employee integration.

In addition to her HR leadership strengths, Paula is known for her collaborative coaching methodology that helps executives, leaders, and managers deliver results while uncovering their passions and purpose. She's particularly adept at breaking barriers and uniting people from different backgrounds and experiences.

Paula is a founding member of The Coaching Fellowship where she is passionately focused on working with millennial women who are in the launching phase of their careers.

Paula believes that innovation is driven by engaged, resilient individuals who are open to new possibilities and perspectives, while confident to stand up and express their point of view.

David Price (Speaker)
Vice President of Sustaining Engineering, Oracle

David is the Vice President of Sustaining Engineering at Oracle. He has 25+ years of experience in technology and currently he manages global teams in EMEA, Asia and the Americas, dealing with the 24/7-fix resolution of mission critical systems along with implementing innovative solutions to improve the customers' interaction with Oracle's innovative SaaS solution.

His responsibilities encompasses from QA and patch delivery for all middleware products in SaaS to sustaining deliverables for the Database, Fusion Middleware and Enterprise Manager along with Leading a global 24*7 team of senior managers and engineers to ensure quick resolution of customer issues.

David is a boundless expert and advocate of Oracle's cloud solutions where he manages a very large and bright team of people delivering incredible customer's support for Oracle.

Mayank Thanawala (Speaker)
SVP of Research & Development, HealthLoop

Mayank Thanawala has 20 years of technical experience in the field of development and deployment of medical applications. He has worked in companies of all sizes, from being employee #2 at HealthLoop to employee #847,952 (approximate) at Accenture, and has held roles encompassing technical, project management and leadership positions throughout his career.

He is currently the SVP of Research & Development at HealthLoop, where he has built an incredible team of creative and highly skilled engineers and designers to build software and services to help every patient receive a 5-star experience from their doctor, while optimizing workflow in the doctor's office.

Previously, he was an Associate Director of Bioinformatics at CardioDX where he designed and developed an online portal for clinicians to access results from CardioDx's proprietary genomics-based test for coronary artery disease. He also designed and built components of a home grown Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and customized (ok, hacked) a commercial LIMS for use in CardioDX's production laboratory.

Prior to his experience writing medical applications, Mayank built his core in simple, scalable and secure software design. He worked with and built massively scalable systems at, a subsidiary of Amazon that focuses on making search great. In his prior work at the Saccharomyces Genome Database, he led a team of programmers to build and expand one of the world's premier model organism databases, accessed by thousands of scientists around the world. And at diaDexus, he architected and built software for the automated analysis and visualization of DNA and gene expression data, to make the process of discovering new diagnostics more efficient and organized.

With most of his work being in scientific and medical applications, Mayank places a high value on data integrity and security, and believes that simplicity of architecture leads to better maintainability and more robust systems.
Mayank holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University, and an MS in Scientific Computing and Computational Mathematics from Stanford University. During his free time, he enjoys his family, flies airplanes, and sings with his vocal band, Hookslide --->


Luca Leone, '06 

Other Information

We are in the process of adding more speakers to the panel and all from Silicon Valley.  

Please stay tuned for more updates in the following weeks.