Join us for an evening presentation with Professor John Wong, Professorial Fellow and Academic Advisor, the East Asian Institute (EAI), National University of Singapore


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The late Dr Goh Keng Swee, who was at one time economic advisor to China, started "China watching" in Singapore when he set up the Institute of East Asian Political Economy (IEAPE) in 1990, which is the predecessor of the present East Asian Institute (EAI). The presenter benefited a lot from Dr Goh's knowledge and experience in the China field when he was Director of IEAPE. China watching, basically as a Cold War product, was and still is full of ideological biases and political value judgments. Our approach here in Singapore is, as far as possible, trying to be "non-PRC and non-Western". In this talk, the presenter shall first briefly discuss what is happening to China's economy today: e.g. the end of high growth and various immediate reform problems. Then he shall share with attendees his personal observations arising from his research on contemporary China.


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Speaker Profiles

Professor John Wong (Speaker)
Professorial Fellow and Academic Advisor, the East Asian Institute (EAI), National University of Singapore

Professor John Wong is currently Professorial Fellow and Academic Advisor at the East Asian Institute (EAI) of the National University of Singapore. He was formerly Research Director of EAI, and Director of the Institute of East Asian Political Economy (IEAPE), Singapore. Professor Wong has taught Economics at the University of Hong Kong (1966-70) as well as at the National University of Singapore (1970-1990). He was Fulbright Visiting Professor at Florida State University (1978) and held the position of Chairperson of ASEAN Studies at the University of Toronto (1996). He also held short-term visiting positions at Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Stanford. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of London. Professor Wong has written or edited 36 books, and published more than 500 articles and papers on China and other East Asian economies, including ASEAN. In addition, he has written over 90 policy-related reports on China's developments for the Singapore government. Professor Wong has attended numerous international conferences and workshops and has given lectures and seminars in many universities across Asia, North America and Europe. He has served as external examiner for undergraduates as well as Master and Ph.D. candidates for a number of overseas universities. He has served and is still on the editorial board of many learned journals on Asian studies and economic development. He has done consultancy work for the Singapore government and many international organizations, including UN ESCAP, ADB, UNIDO, APO and ADI.


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