Career Advancement - Job Search Boot Camp - Sold Out

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of New York City

August 20, 2014: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM


A four part seminar that will jumpstart your job search. It's a concise guide to help you search efficiently and successfully. We will focus on techniques for today's job market.


University of Chicago NYC Office
10 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York

Event Details

Today we will cover the third of the four parts:

Part 1 - Self-Assessment & Developing Your Target Markets.

• Understanding the "product" – you.
• Where are you headed and why?
• Defining the ideal job for you!

The benefits of this topic: You want to leverage your experience for what you want to do where. This is important, because you need to establish a direction – a focus for your efforts. If you have direction and focus, you will save considerable frustration and, hopefully, time.

Part 2 - Getting Started: Developing Your Marketing Plan and Marketing Materials.

• Who is your target? Who specifically do you want to meet? What do you want to tell them?
• Developing your resume, two minute pitch, elevator pitch.

The benefits of this topic: Here you get down to the basics. Develop a marketing plan, and how you present yourself to others. You must present an easily understandable message of what you can offer. Get this right, and people will know how to help you or why they should hire you.

Part 3 - Making the Most of LinkedIn in Your Job Search.

• Exploring LinkedIn from the perspective of a job hunter.
• Your LinkedIn profile.
• Job search research using LinkedIn.

The benefits of this topic: There have been many changes in job search. LinkedIn is one of the major ones. It is an exceptional way to reach people – and you'll learn how. And, just like your resume and pitch, you need your profile to be effective.

Part 4 - Thinking through the Interview Process.

• Four Ways to get Interviews; the pros and cons of each.
• Thinking through and preparing for the Interview itself.
• Understanding Informational Interviews and an "Interview" Interviews.
• Negotiating the offer


The Boot Camp has a fee of $60 and includes all four sessions.


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Deadline: 7/31/2014

Speaker Profiles

Celia Currin and Rob Hellman (Speaker)

Celia Currin has over 25 years in Human Resources, Sales, Operations and Marketing in the publishing industry. She started her career as a journalist at Forbes Magazine. Her passion is helping clients identify and position their strengths and talents, and then develop their own unique strategies to match these with a job that truly fits.

Celia also started and runs an automatic website maker service with page layouts, page navigation and web hosting already taken care of. This enables solo-professionals and small businesses to build their own websites in about an hour and maintain it themselves.

Celia is President of the Board of Directors of Poets & Writers, the nation's largest non-profit organization serving creative writers. She is also on the board of Lincoln Educational Services Inc., a NASDAQ company (LINC), a leading for-profit provider of career-oriented post-secondary education.

She has an MBA from The Harvard Business School and a BA from The University of Oregon.

Rob has over 20 years of corporate management experience at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, JP Morgan Chase, and American Express. He is an adjunct professor at New York University, teaching career development and training coaches on social media.

As a LinkedIn and social media expert, Rob has published the book, Your Social Media Job Search.
Rob has appeared in Forbes, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, ABC, NBC, CNN Money and others.

Rob also has significant organizational development and executive coaching experience. At Chase he facilitated division-wide organizational development and change management initiatives, and at American Express he chaired employee engagement and leadership development teams.

In his private practice, Rob combines a warm, empowering style with a pragmatic, bottom-line focus that gets results for clients.

Rob's has a BS in Economics from SUNY Binghamton and an MBA in Finance/Marketing from Fordham.


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