Innovation and Business Applications in the Biometrics Field: The SoloInsight Story

Pakistan Club

February 15, 2014: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The Pakistan Club is proud to present Farhan Masood, Founder of Solometrics, a VC-funded enterprise which is creating new applications in the burgeoning field of biometrics.


Charles M. Harper Center
Room 219
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Chicago, Illinois

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Event Details

Since the earliest days of human history, we've needed to verify who the people around us are. In more recent times, as the human population has surged into the billions, that need has only intensified. Biometrics is a science of recognising a person among billions by his unique physical characteristics like fingerprints, face, eyes and voice etc. In this talk we would hear what biometrics are, how they work, where they are applied, if they can be cheated, how they can be used against us, as well as the latest innovations and emerging technologies in the field.

SoloInsight Story:

SoloInsight Inc. and SoloMetrics LLC in USA are the two spin offs of a Pakistani company known as SoloTech focused on the R&D in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics, and Robotics. In the struggling economy, the company has bootstrapped in Pakistan for the last 4 years and built products, business applications and technologies which are in use by many conglomerates today. A company started from a bedroom in Pakistan is now valued over 20 million $ and this is just the start of its American journey. A recent joint venture with Mace Security International with 1,800 distributors in the US is a big revenue booster, while the analysts predict 10x increase in valuation in next 2 years. Here's a link about this partnership and how the firm's founder, Farhan Masood, found his inspiraton from the movie "Minority Report":


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Speaker Profiles

Farhan Masood (Speaker)
Founder, SoloMetrics, LLC

Farhan Masood is an inspirational self-taught and self funded Entrepreneur from Lahore with major interest in Mechatronics ( A combination of Electrical, Software and Mechanical Engineering), who left a dream job in Dubai to pursue his career as a self employed professional . Farhan dropped out of Forma Christian College (Lahore) at the age of 19 to work for the Sheikh of Dubai when Voice of America broke his story from Washington as the originator of Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages on the internet in 1997.

In the journey of last 16 years, Farhan has invented many interesting technologies and received over 31 International and 5 local awards and recognitions. As a philanthropist, he currently runs one of the largest blood donation networks in Pakistan. He was also instrumental in raising awareness and funds for the flood victims in Pakistan from the likes of Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie.

Farhan also runs Pakistan Go Green, a patriotic movement that has over 1 million members on Facebook and was the subject of a case study on digital revolution at the Cambridge University.

What brought Farhan to the United States was the recognition given by hte MIT Enterprise Forum after winning the BAP competition as well as the Global Innovation Through Science & Technology Award, organized by the US Department of State which caught the attention of several VCs and angel investors and became instrumental for the formation of SoloInsight and SoloMetrics in the US.

Farhan is perhaps the most followed technologist from Pakistan on Social Media. He tweets as @farhanmasood and can be found on FaceBook at with a DP that reflects his pride in Pakistan.


K. Rizwan Kadir, MBA, '97 
President, The Pakistan Club

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