CEO and Founder TJ Radtke will discuss his resume verification company ACERTIV. T. J. has been a founder of 4 firms (3 wins) and an early employee in 2 firms (1 win, 1 push). Before Acertiv, he founded and then pivoted iSupport Digital away selling its video content management platform that was getting crushed as Youtube came to market. Instead he refocused the firm to become a leading Drupal and Open Source development shop supporting Associations such as the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. He also founded Reston Mobile Ventures that operated the highly trafficked site—a leading source for reviews about wireless phones and plans. T. J. also secured for Reston Mobile the first online authorized reseller agreement for CLEAR 4G broadband services. Through his firm New Commander, T. J. structured partnerships between national wireless carriers and smaller firms leading to the incremental sale of tens of thousands of wireless devices and plans and generation of more than $50 million in revenues.

T. J. also worked in business development and operations roles with the startup Sundial Marketplace Corporation (acquired by Inphonic/Simplexity - NASDAQ: INPC ). He helped the founders write the business plan and negotiate initial partnerships. As an early employee he built and led a team that created the nation's first ever carrier integrated web-based order fulfillment platform for mobile device activations from the paper napkin stage to generating tens of thousands of transactions per month. This fulfillment system was a key factor leading to the company's acquisition.

T. J. was also a member of the Deloitte Consulting Telecom and Media Practice where he advised wireless providers on billing system integrations and the development of e-commerce strategies and platforms. He used this knowledge to help build Sundial's operations.

T. J. earned his MBA from the McComb's Graduate School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and has a B.S. in Political Science from Santa Clara University. He also spent a year studying at Hong Kong University.


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