Eighth Wonder of the World: Terra-Cotta Warriors at the Asian Art Museum

University of Chicago Bay Area Alumni Club

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of San Francisco

May 18, 2013: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Join fellow alumni for a private tour of the famed Terra Cotta Warriors.


Asian Art Museum
200 Larkin St
San Francisco, California

Event Details

Accidentally discovered by farmers sinking a well in the early 1970s near the modern city of Xi'an, the 8,000-strong terra-cotta warriors guarding the tomb of China's first emperor are now regarded as the greatest archeological discovery of the 20th century and the eighth wonder of the world. Now the 2,000-year old warriors have arrived in San Francisco. Join fellow alumni for a docent-led private tour for a rare glimpse of these magnificent life-size warriors and learn the life and death of the first emperor, a brutal tyrant, and a megalomaniac, but also a visionary who, more than anyone else in history, shaped the destiny of China.


$30 if registered before Friday, April 26; $35 thereafter.


Shelby Song