CEO/Founder Tobin Moore will talk about his company Optoro.

Optoro provides a better way to liquidate your returned, overstock, and damaged-box products, driving higher recovery rates and quicker turn times for your inventory.

Using proprietary cutting-edge software, Optoro simultaneously posts inventory of all categories across the most popular online marketplaces, instantly connecting your products to hundreds of millions of secondary consumers.

Meaning: Higher recovery... Greater transparency... No redundant touches.

To get started, simply provide a data feed with product and condition, and we locate the highest-paying buyers for your goods.

From merchandising and channel management, to direct marketing and email campaigns, to customer service and returns processing, Optoro handles the entire re-marketing process.

Once your product sells, we simply give you a list of what to ship, and generate the necessary shipping labels.

Optoro significantly boosts recovery by leveraging big data sets and proprietary selling algorithms that optimize product pricing to match real-time market conditions.

Furthermore, we provide a robust business intelligence suite to help you better manage your inventory and reduce it from being liquidated in the first place.


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Speaker Profiles

Tobin (Speaker)
Moore, Optoro

Tobin co-founded Optoro in 2008 after discovering the little-known world of reverse logistics. Rather than dismissing this as a black hole of resources or even a liability, Moore had a mission to efficiently connect the excess inventory of retailers and distributors with the millions of online discount shoppers regularly looking for such items worldwide. He has led Optoro since inception, overseeing its expansion from a regional service provider to a major industry player with a goal to revolutionize the world of reverse logistics. Moore's vision for a plug-and-play software solution to make excess goods efficiently and effectively leap from warehouses directly to every major online marketplace simultaneously became Optoro. Moore started Optoro's predecessor, eSpot, during his senior year in college in 2004. This early foray into the world of asset management manifested itself as an online reseller's dream that helped small businesses and individuals sell their unwanted valuables throughout the Washington, DC area. He lead eSpot for 4 years, driving his team to build the proprietary software and marketing infrastructure that would form the foundation of the cutting-edge enterprise solutions offered by Optoro today.

During Moore's rare hours away from the office, he can be found mixing it up with his younger colleagues on the soccer field or doing his best Mick Jagger impression in the Karaoke rooms of DC. Tobin holds a B.A. from Brown University with a double major in Business Economics and American History.


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