The concept of environmental economics has undergone a transformation: from being considered an oxymoron by some to becoming the premise for the notion of green jobs. The true economics of the environment involve far more than an accounting sheet balance of economic growth and environmental protection. In this talk, Shaikh will go beyond green jobs to detail the sources of economic value inherent in environment and natural resource management, the measurement of such values and the use of valuation to develop markets and economics incentives for better environmental management.

Shaikh will provide an overview of the fundamental concepts of environmental economics, the evolution of ecosystem services, and case study applications both in urban centers in the US and in the rural developing world, including Great Lakes stormwater management, the development of green certification standards for restaurants in Chicago, and the effect of hydropower and climate change on subsistence rice farming in Cambodia.

Sabina Shaikh is an economics lecturer in the Program on Global Environment and Public Policy Studies and the founder and director of the Environment, Agriculture, and Food (EAF) working group at the University of Chicago. Her research and teaching focuses on the economics of environmental policy and natural resource management, including market-based mechanisms for pollution control and the economic valuation of ecosystem services. She has published in numerous scholarly journals including Land Economics, Ecological Economics, and Economic Inquiry, and has recently contributed book chapters to Natural Capital: Theory and Practice of Mapping Ecosystem Services and the Handbook of Metropolitan Sustainability.


Renaissance Seattle Hotel
515 Madison Street
Seattle, Washington


$20/person general admission
$10/recent graduate (College graduates of the past 10 years and professional school graduates of the past 5 years.)


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2:00 PM-2:45 PM: Registration and reception

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