Please join us for a back-to-school session on Sunday 24 February on campus. The session has been organised by the class of AXP-10 for all alumni who are able to come along and join in. After the session there will be a reception sponsored by the Alumni Office giving you a chance to network with your fellow alums.

The session, "Leading People in a Status-Anxious World", will be given by Professor Matthew Bothner, Visiting Professor of Organizations and Strategy at Chicago Booth and Noah Askin, current PhD Student in Sociology and Organizations and Markets at UChicago.

We will offer insights on how to lead people with a keen understanding of what "status" is and how it's affecting the career development of those who work for you. Status is a form of "social capital" (who you know) that is quite different from "human capital" (what you know). Using interactive examples, we'll discuss how status creates advantage for those who have it, and (possibly unfair) disadvantage for those without it. Some of our key topics include:

· How to recognize who has status in a room full of people you've never met
· How status affects the careers of scientists
· How to "rescue" a colleague who is valuable in the workplace but has slipped into a "doom-loop" after taking a status hit

We'll close by identifying the seductive dangers of status and by uncovering insights on how to successfully navigate and lead around these dangers.


Chicago Booth Asia Campus
101 Penang Road
238466, Singapore


No Charge


Register Online

Deadline: 2/24/2013


3:00 PM-4:30 PM: Back-to-School Session

4:30 PM-5:30 PM: Alumni Reception


Denise Vander Vorst