The Chicago Booth DC Entrepreneur's Advisory Group will meet on December 19 from 7-9 pm at the offices of Wilson Sonsini at 1700 K Street. Our speaker will be Chris Hertz, CEO and co-founder of Barrel of Jobs (, one of the hottest startups in the region. (Not confirmed, but I'm hoping that Chris will be joined by co-founder Julie Kantor.)


Wilson Sonsini
1700 K Street
Washington, District of Columbia

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Barrel of Jobs is focused on addressing this problem for businesses with fewer than 100 employees who are particularly disadvantaged in the talent sourcing process. Barrel of Jobs solves this critical problem for small businesses. By using the Barrel of Jobs website as part of their recruiting strategy, an employer can: access a large, untapped "silent majority" of passive job seekers; expand their geographic reach; increase the size of their applicant pool; leverage the wisdom of the crowd; and increase diversity of applicants—all while decreasing search time and cost. Barrel of Jobs also expands the reach of employee referral programs, helps companies track referrals, and allows them to leverage thousands of participants to crowd source the best candidates.

Through our website employers post jobs for free, paying a $500 fee when they hire a candidate sourced through Barrel of Jobs. This pay-per-hire approach aligns the incentives of Barrel of Jobs and the employer, creating a powerful partnership. Visitors to Barrel of Jobs can become members for free and can use Barrel of Jobs to help a friend, earn some money, and put America back to work. Through our proprietary platform we make it simple and easy for members to share jobs through their email and social networks, and provide compelling incentives for members and recipients to re-share. Barrel of Jobs creates a platform that makes it easier for individuals to do what they already do, help friends find jobs, and provide them with a monetary incentive to do so, paying out $200 to successful referral chains that connect a hire to the employer.

Everyone wins with Barrel of Jobs: (1) employers get the best candidate more quickly, (2) participants earn money for helping a friend, (3) friends get the help they need to find and land their dream job, (4) Barrel of Jobs earns money for delivering the best candidate quickly, and (5) the community wins with a stronger economy.

In addition, for every job filled through Barrel of Jobs, the company will donate a portion of the profits to non-profit partners, including The Wounded Warrior Project, Year Up, and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). Participants can also choose to donate their earnings to these same partners, helping to train the next generation of employees and leaders for American companies.


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Chris Hertz (Speaker)
CEO/Founder, Barrel of Jobs


Matt Whitaker