GSB Japan Alumni Club proudly presents you " Chicago Night" on Friday December 7th.


The Irish Times
2-9-16 Shinbashi Minatoku
Tokyo, Japan

Event Details

It is one of the most exciting events that the Club organizes. Participants will have the opportunity to network; and also get to own Chicago souvenirs during an auction to raise fund for charity, so register now and mark this date on your calender.


5000 yen for those who have paid an annual fee. 7000 yen for those who have not paid an annual fee. If you pay it on Dec 7th, you will of course be regarded as 'paid'


Register By Email
Please email (1)your name, (2)class year, and (3)current job to the Director and Event Organizer, Yutaka Uno'02.

Deadline: 12/6/2007


Yutaka Uno'02 
Director and Event Organizer