Join us for our monthly alumni club meeting on 8th of November at 7 p.m. in Restauracja "Colombia Bar".

This time Marcin Bajda (see vita below) will share with us his experiences as coach for middle and top management and as Interims Manager for SMEs.

We will learn about the crucial role of organization culture, its origin, strength and implications for leaders in pre- and post mergers phases and coaching as the empowering method for managers and executives. In particular: how to identify differences in organizational cultures and behaviors, how to transform these findings into concrete coaching actions in order to overcome or at least reduce potential clashes of corporate cultures that lead to M&A or turnaround failures.

Marcin has translated into Polish and publish Prof. Edgar H. Schein's - UoC book: "Helping. How to offer, give and receive help" into Polish.

More about Prof. Schein:

After this presentation (up to 30-45 min.) we will move to the bar on the top floor, where we can talk in less formal, delightful atmosphere, over a glass of beer or another more noble drink.


Cafe Colombia
ul. Krucza 6/14
00-001 Warsaw, Poland

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Speaker Profiles

Marcin Bajda (Speaker)


Masters of Science (M.Sc.) in Electronics and Communications Engineering with a second degree in Organization and Management.

Since entering professional life, Marcin developed his skills through executive training at some of the world's leading business schools in the USA, Europe and India.

He is also a certified International Coach (ICC).

Professional Experience:

Most of his work experience is related to international corporations where he began as specialist climbing the ladder up to the head of business in Poland. Today he is an entrepreneur.

Marcin's experience is related to general management, change management and team leadership, as well as direct and indirect sales including consumer electronics, systems and mobile services. He is equally accomplished in product marketing, launching products and services into to the marketplace, managing a branded franchise, logistics and technical support. Throughout his career, Marcin has developed and executed marketing strategies and introduced changes to organizational structure, while coaching and motivating staff.


Recently he fell in love with mountain climbing. There are many summits ahead with the nearest one being Elbrus in Caucasus, Russia (5 642 m above sea level, second try soon).


Christoph Michalak, '10 (EXP-15)