Chicago Booth Entrepreneur's Advisory Group

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Washington D.C.

October 24, 2012: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Our speaker will be Tamer Ali, Founder and CEO of Digital Ignite ( Digital Ignite is the home of CrowdWisdom, a next generation social learning platform that supports adult professional education. From Tamer:

3 issues we are dealing with:

1. where do we go now? we realize we have a good stake serving professional education (associations who represent professions like American College of Radiology, American Marketing Associations)

but we recognize that this may be a slower growth. Do we dive deeper into this niche or do we diversify to other niches?

2. should we entertain non-organic ways to grow. We've turned down offers to be acquired, but we sense that our focus on R&D will be a challenge on resources if we just fund our own growth

3. how can we move to a more strategic role with our clients- away from just software, but realizing what valuable position they hold in professional education

And About Digital Ignite:

here's a quick write up on us
We partner with professional education, publishers, and multi-national organizations to design, build, and manage their critical learning programs. Our advanced social learning platform - called Crowd Wisdom - provides lifecycle career management for the learner (often times a professional in a particular industry field)- from pre-credential prep to specialization beyond the foundation.
The platform offers LMS capabilities, but much more, including personalized recommendations, a knowledge community of peers, advanced testing, and wiki/knowledge base. Leading associations are now deploying their major programs through Crowd Wisdom.
Crowd Wisdom™ powers leading global education programs with features to help learners search, find, and share knowledge easily, while the platform offers the scalability and performance of Software-as-a-Service (cloud) and integrates seamlessly with CRM (membership databases or other systems), CMS, and other applications.
Leading organizations are finding Crowd Wisdom™ the solution to deliver engaged learning experiences and managing all their education content- from live events and webinars to elearning and multimedia. The platform is unrivaled in its flexibility, branding, scalability, extensibility, and ability to deliver personalized learning experiences.

Why are we different?

We are a company with a strategy, technology, and team completely focused on building
and supporting successful professional education programs.


Wilson Sonsini
1700 K Street
Washington, District of Columbia


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Tamer Ali (Speaker)
CEO/Founder, Digital Ignite


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