Innovation Success Achieved Through Play--Strategy Group discussion

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

July 19, 2012: 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Its summer, it's hot and too hard to be serious and that's the point.

Great business and social change movements have originated in the intersection of play and strategy, lessons we learned reading Inventing Kindergarten.

This month we turn to play for interesting insights, discover why that thing children do well offers opportunity to mix things up. Rather than merely talk to expand our understanding of this strategic approach to innovation, we opted to experience some of the techniques.

Can you play? Want to try? We've mixed up the schedule to start our Third Friday discussion 14 hours early.

JOIN US to PLAY on the evening of the third Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 5:30 pm, for a more freewheeling discussion.


155 N Wacker Drive
Chicago, Indiana

Event Details

NOTE: this is a buy your own brew event. We will meet at the PRIME BAR, 155 North Wacker Drive (Near Randolph). As usual we have listed some articles to enlighten you below. Bring your own LEGO, crayons and we will mix up our general somber sensibilities with a little kinesthetic fun. Some of questions we will consider:

  • How far can strategic play really take an organization?
  • How do these softskills impact outcomes?
  • What can you do to have fun at work without it costing your credibility?

The Strategic Management Practices Issues Group offers a more interactive alternative to Chicago Booth's alumni round tables. Attendance at each session is limited to 20 participants, who gather for a facilitated discussion of suggested articles on a strategy topic chosen for that month.

The articles are chosen to dig a little deeper and thus we go beyond the usual sources. All perspectives are honored and the facilitator ensures a lively discussion with balanced participation. The group is a great way to challenge your own ideas, gain new perspectives, and get to know fellow Booth alums better.

No matter what aspect of strategy your work entails, this forum provides an enjoyable way to sharpen your business acumen.


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Gary Roll, '04 
VP Communications, Chicago Booth Alumni Club