CBAC Mitigating Financial Distress at Every Stage of the Business Life Cycle

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

March 20, 2012: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The seminar examines the reasons why companies fail at every stage of the business life cycle - from the start-up phase through growth and maturity – and how to confront problems stemming from financial distress before they spin out of control. Panelists will explain why two out of three start-ups fail as well as the key factors that precipitate failure in the growth/maturity stages, illustrating with anecdotes and brief case studies involving major strategic blunders by failing corporations. They will address the lessons that can be learned from these examples, and how best to avoid those mistakes and outcomes in your own business.


Gleacher Center
Room 600
450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive
Chicago, Illinois


$20 Chicago Booth Alumni Club Members and Booth Students

$30 All Others


Register Online

Deadline: 3/19/2012


6:00 PM-8:00 PM: Light Dinner will be served

Speaker Profiles

Craig Dean (Speaker)
Principal, AEG Partners


Rebecca Fruchtman (Speaker)
Founding Partner, Baer HIggins Fruchtman, LLC


Bradley Pickard (Speaker)
Principal, Access Value Investors LLC

Elizabeth Bleakley (Moderator) '02
Principal, Kopecky Schumacher Bleakley Rosenburg PC


Elizabeth Bleakley, '02 
President, Chicago Booth Alumni Club