In every human system, there exists underlying dynamic that influences how each member within this system operates. The dynamic affects members' thought process, and behavior, as if there is a list of "code of conduct" being imposed. Whether it's a small business or a global enterprise, such phenomenon exists. When the dynamic is in alignment, it can be a driving force for sustained growth. However, based on Bert Hellinger's findings on family and business systems, when the dynamic is not in the appropriate order or balance, it became a hindering force preventing success. Although Bert Hellinger developed the method as a psychotherapy modality working with personal and family issues, it was discovered that the same principles apply in businesses... i.e. the invisible dynamic flows in the most supportive way when certain principles of order and balance are being observed.


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Using Bert Hellinger's Systemic Constellation method, we reveal how this invisible dynamic is affecting the organization. For people in a decision-making role, this understanding is helpful in the following ways:

  • To be in-tune with the dynamic so as to optimize results.
  • To restore order and balance within the organization and achieve synergy.
  • To get clarity on the driving cause of complex issues and enable problem resolution.
  • To test and refine the quality of strategic decision prior to implementation.

Where is this work applicable?

  • The understanding of this work can be applied in the following areas:
  • Strategy formulation and deployment
  • Organizational restructuring and mergers
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Recruitment and talent retention
  • Investment and divestment decision
  • Operation effectiveness

How does this method work?

A constellation is like a simulation of the current situation. The facilitator, after a dialogue with the focus person to understand the issue and context of the issue, determines key elements that are relevant. Other members in the group will be invited to be representatives of these key elements and report what they experience in their senses and feelings. Reports from the representatives will be reflective of the underlying inter-relationships of these key elements and their current state of being; and collectively, in what ways are these inter-twined relationships relevant to the current challenge. New insights and perspectives can be gained through this process and enables new approach towards resolution.

In this 3-hour experiential workshop, participants will have the chance to get hands-on experience, either through working on a specific organization-related issue, or through being a representative of key elements in a constellation. Both experiences enable a good appreciation of the human system dynamic, and how, through Systemic Constellation, out-of-alignment dynamic can be shifted into a supporting force for success.

This workshop is being offered as part of the Back-to-School and Townhall activities on February 11.


$20 in order to show commitment (which will be donated to the Alumni Fund).


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Deadline: 2/8/2012

Speaker Profiles

Ya-Ning Tung, '02 (AXP-1) (Speaker)

Ya-Ning TUNG facilitates in a group setting where the group work together to form a constellation that represent the relationship issue you want to work on. Through this process, you gain perspectives and insights into the underlying dynamic of the challenge in execution, what caused the situation and how to influence the reality.

Ya-Ning, Chicago Booth graduate year 2002 from the AXP program, has 20 years of corporate experience as Regional Director of Operations in a MNC, leading AP regional and country teams to meet business objectives. Having been in a decision making role accountable for regional operational effectiveness on a day-to-day basis, as well as leading numerous restructuring, right-sizing, compliance policy implementation and automation investment projects, Ya-Ning finds Systemic Constellation, a method developed by German psychotherapist and philosopher, Bert Hellinger, one of the most impactful and effective way to get clarity on complex human system issues. Ya-Ning has gone through several years of immersion to this work, and has been trained by numerous trainers, including Bert Hellinger, as well as trainers specialize in using this method as a business consulting tool, including Gunthard Weber, Klaus P Horn and Judith Hemming.


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