The Booth Energy Network (BEN) is a global network for Booth alumni and non-Booth University of Chicago alumni that share an interest in the energy sector. BEN is continuing to grow through local chapters in seven cities across the world and has become a virtual and physical platform for the active sharing of ideas as well as a tool to reinforce a network of professional contacts amongst the entire Booth and University of Chicago community.


Join our roundtable discussion on "What does it take to start-up a successful energy company?".


Invited speaker: Lee Keshishian, Co-founder of Clean Currents, whose solar division was recently acquired by Solar City. Lee is now heading Solar City for the Mid-Atlantic region


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U Chicago DC Office
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Limited to 25 attendees - please let us know in case you register and are unable to attend so that others can take your place. Thank you.

Deadline: 7/20/2011


Marcelo Lando, '10 
AES Solar - Finance and Business Development