The Process of Innovation: Strategy Management Practices Issues Group

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June 17, 2011: 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM

This month we turn to the topic of the process of innovation. "Strategy and Business" has a great cover story, "The Missing Link in Innovative Research." The Strategic Management Practices Issues Group offers a more interactive alternative to Chicago Booth's alumni roundtables. Attendance at each session is limited to 20 participants, who gather to discuss a strategy topic chosen for that month.


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This month we turn to the topic of Innovation. Of all the available angles we opted to focus on the innovation process itself. Serendipity stepped in. This month once again, Strategy and Business has a great cover story, entitled "The missing Link in Innovative Research."

What is the missing link? Booz-Allen global health practice authors point to middle management, a topic we happened to discuss last month. (check out the blog posts--in part summary, in part extended thinking & learning at

The principles of Strategyn, an innovation firm, suggest "mapping the job a customer is trying to get done, a company can discover opportunities for breakthrough products and services."


McDonald's Denis Weil shares his process at McDonald's in a nice profile that outlines their longer term strategy that is now in its final phase..the restaurant redesign in the US.

Last we've included a very short piece by Tony Schwartz who offers a six step prescriptive

The missing link in innovative research 


Customer Centered Innovation Map (HBR May 2008)


Making over McDonald's (FastCompany August 2010)


Six Secrets to Creating a Culture of Innovation, August 10, 2010—HBR Blog by Tony Schwartz,


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