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Do you like wine, but find it intimidating to select "the perfect bottle"? Do all the varieties, tastes and aromas leave you guessing? Say au revoir to your mystification, and sign up for The Embassy of France's Le Studio: Wine Tasting 101!

Their monthly Wine Tasting 101 soirées — with veteran wine journalist Claire Morin-Gibourg - explores the regions (Burgundy, Champagne, Rhône Valley, Languedoc and Bordeaux) and vineyards in France, as well as tasting techniques. Meet wine experts and journalists as they share their passion for great grapes, recount their oenophile adventures and initiate you into the "tasteful" world of French wine appreciation!

Recommendations to enhance your experience:

Prior to wine tasting
1) To have a fresh palate, we recommend avoiding candy and gum after 4 p.m. and not snacking on anything after 6 p.m.
2) For the full aromatic experience, we recommend that you do not apply or reapply any cologne or perfume this afternoon prior to the event.

During wine tasting
1) Keep hydrated. Drink water during the tasting, it will not change the quality or taste of the wine you are trying.
2) Drink responsively. Those little ounces of wine add up.
3) Swirl, smell and spit as much as you want – That's what those spittoons are for.
4) Eat bread during the wine tasting event. It has no impact on the of quality of taste and it helps you wait till dinner is served.


La Maison Francaise
4101 Reservoir
Washington, District of Columbia

Driving Directions:

Parking is available on Reservoir Road and across the street at Georgetown University Hospital's pay lot.


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Register Online

Deadline: 6/22/2011

Speaker Profiles

Claire Morin-Gibourg (Speaker)
Co-author of the book "Comment bien acheter son vin?" (How to Properly Choose and Buy Your Wine?)

About Claire Morin-Gibourg:
Journalist for 15 years, she has worked for some of the most prestigious press outlets specializing in wine: La Revue du Vin de France, Gault & Millau, Cuisine Gourmande and other titles focusing on this particular area. She is the co-author of the book "Comment bien acheter son vin?" (How to Properly Choose and Buy Your Wine?) with French critics Michel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve. For 5 years, she held the position of director at the tasting school of Grains nobles in Paris. Established in Washington, DC since 2009, she continues to share her passion for wine.


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