Raising Capital for and Investing in Private Companies

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

May 4, 2011: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

We have all taken corporate finance, but do we really understand how a privately held company raises business capital or how (and whether) to invest in that exciting new start-up company our friend from business school is starting? Whether you are an entrepreneur who founds your own company or a director or executive officer of a corporation, at some point you will be involved in raising capital for your company. Alternatively, you may be presented with an opportunity to invest in a new business venture and you want to understand the process better.

This program will help you understand how privately held companies raise business capital while complying with securities regulations. You will learn about raising capital from “friends and family,” angels, venture capitalists, and private equity firms. You will also learn about exit strategies, which may include a merger, sale, initial public offering, or inter-generational transfer. Questions the panel will answer include: how does negotiating power affect the deal structure? how selective should the company be in who it takes money from? and doesn’t every business with a great idea just go straight to a venture capitalist and then to an IPO?

Please join us to hear our distinguished speakers talk and answer your questions. Our panelists include:

Ira Weiss Hyde Park Angels, Managing Director and Faculty Director

Tanya Solov Illinois Securities Department, Director

Robert Acri Kenilworth Asset Management, Founding Partner

Matt Maloney GrubHub, Inc. , Co-Founder and CEO

Elizabeth Bleakley Kopecky, Schumacher & Bleakley, P.C., Founding Principal (Moderator)


Gleacher Center
Room 100
450 N. Cityfront Plaza Dr.
Chicago, Illinois


$30.00 CBAC Members and Guests; UC Students and Guests
$40.00 Non-Members and Guests


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Deadline: 5/3/2011


6:00 PM-8:00 PM: Light Dinner

Speaker Profiles

Ira Weiss (Speaker)
Managing Director and Faculty Director, Hyde Park Angels

Tanya Solov (Speaker)
Director, Ilinois Securities Department

Robert Acri (Speaker)
Founding Partner, Kenilworth Asset Management

Matt Maloney (Speaker)
Co-Founder and CEO, GrubHub, Inc.

Elizabeth Bleakley (Moderator) '02
Founding Principal, Kopecky, Schumacher & Bleakley, P.C.


Elizabeth Bleakley, '02