Strategic Management Practices Issues Group

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

March 18, 2011: 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM

The Strategic Management Practices Issues Group offers a more interactive alternative to Chicago Booth’s alumni roundtables. Attendance at each session is limited to 20 participants who gather to discuss a strategy topic chosen for that month. Discussion is guided by suggested readings that are relevant to the topic, and by a facilitator who ensures a lively discussion with balanced participation. The group is a great way to challenge your own ideas, gain new perspectives, and get to know fellow Booth alums better. No matter what aspect of strategy your work entails, this forum provides an enjoyable way to sharpen your business acumen. Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month, except December, from 7:30 until 8:45 AM.

Discussions are held in the Burnham Rooms at US Trust in Chicago, our host for these monthly gatherings. We hope to see you at an upcoming meeting, where you can update your MBA, interact with fellow Booth alums, expand your professional network ... and still make it to the office by 9:00 AM!


U.S. Trust
The Burnham Rooms
231 South LaSalle
Chicago, Illinois

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Strategic Responses to Globalization and Cost Pressures

The fallout from recent events in the Middle East will almost certainly include rising commodity prices and uncertain profit margins for many global firms. This month’s readings suggest new strategic approaches for international business leaders in an increasingly volatile world:

Strategic Bets
Ram Charan and Michael Sisk

Commodities: This Time is Different
Paul Krugman
Globalism without Tears: A New Social Compact for CEOs
Jeffrey E. Garten

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There is no fee for attending, but registration closes at 6:00 PM two days prior to the event. Registrations made after this cutoff may not be honored. If you register and your schedule changes, please let us know immediately so we can offer your seat to someone else.

Deadline: 3/16/2011


Bob Rieder, '06