Join us for a panel discussion on building the future of finance, featuring investors and innovators who will be assessing the next decade of fintech.


Robert Rothman, '77, London Campus
One Bartholomew Close
Barts Square
London EC1A 7BL, United Kingdom

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The first decade of fintech has yielded enormous success. Over $1.5 trillion has been invested in the sector in the last 5 years alone - with scale successes to match.

In every region globally large fintech firms have generated substantial value for investors that, by revenues, market cap or valuation, rank on a par with incumbent banks and institutions.

But no matter the success, the future of financial services is still only 1% ready. Economic and societal shifts are accelerating the need for greater connectivity between individuals and businesses - to reduce last mile headaches, ramp up inclusion, and remove frictions that reduce transparency and increase costs. 

During this discussion we'll be discussing how decentralised finance is moving from niche curiosity to centre stage, driven by proven use cases and unit economics, how regulators are coming to understand their role as ecosystem guardians, and hear directly from some of the innovators already building fintech's next act.


£25 per person including canapes & drinks


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Deadline: 3/14/2023

Speaker Profiles

Simon Hardie (Speaker)
CEO & Co-founder, findexable

Farhan Lalji (Speaker)
Managing Director, Anthemis Group, UK


Zihao Xu (Speaker)
Partner, Octopus Ventures, UK


Heinrich Zetlmayer (Speaker)
Founder & General Partner, Blockchain Valley Ventures, CH


Paolo Guida (Moderator) '06
Partner, Head of Investments, Blockchain Valley Ventures


Pavle Avramovic (Speaker)
Manager, Emerging Tech & Research, Financial Conduct Authority, UK


Briony Blohm 
Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, EMEA
+44 7918216922