What do other executives say about you when you're not in the room? That is just one part of what makes up your executive brand.


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San Francisco, California

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Learn how to define your executive brand in this exciting webinar featuring Geoff Coon, accomplished executive coach and Director of Member Experience at SucceedSmart

In this interactive webinar you will dive into what makes up an executive brand, how to better define yours, and what differences exist when showcasing your brand across Linkedin, your resume, or in-person networking.

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Deadline: 8/25/2022

Speaker Profiles

Geoff Coon, MA, CPRW (Speaker)
Director of Member Experience, SucceedSmart

Ajay Manglani (Moderator) '13
President, SFO Bay Area Alumni Board


Ajay Manglani, '13 
President, SFO Bay Area Alumni Board