Understanding the Mystery of Innovation

Entrepreneurial Roundtable

February 21, 2011: 6:30 PM - 8:45 PM

Professor Praveen Gupta is one of the leading advocates of studying innovation scientifically. He believes that innovation can be fostered, taught, and learned. After attending Professor Gupta's presentation, you will recognize your own creative potential, be more informed of the potential opportunities that the current economic environment presents, understand the innovation process better, and be inspired to do something innovative.


Northern Illinois University - Naperville Campus
Lobby & Auditorium
1120 East Diehl Road
Naperville, Illinois

Driving Directions:Exit I-88 at Naperville Road Exit and go to "T" at Freedom Drive.  Turn south (left if coming from the east) and go to next "T" which is Diehl Road. Turn right onto Diehl Road.  Go 2-3 blocks.  Northern Illinois' building will be on the left, across from the Hampton Inn.  Turn left onto drive at end of the NIU property to go to parking area behind building.  Enter middle door.

Event Details

Professor Gupta will present the state of innovation today, challenges our communities and corporations face, and how leaders in government, education and corporations can pursue innovation in order to contribute to an economic turnaround. Today, global competition is forcing corporations towards organic growth. However, the suitability and responsiveness of the current R&D or innovation processes are inadequate for organic growth. The conventional success rate is not acceptable to achieve the necessary return on investment based on innovation and R&D alone.

The leadership dilemma is how to pursue the most talked about innovation trends. Some leaders get it but most are unable to put their arms around the mystery of innovation. Most large consulting companies are trying to figure out how to help clients in the knowledge economy but are limited by their lack of understanding of the evolving field of innovation. The best that they can do is survey companies and engage clients. Survey findings are inconsistent year after year and confusing for executives to figure out where to start. Corporate growth is limited, national debt is growing, jobs are not being created, employee intellectual potential is being overlooked, and innovation remains unexploited.

Praveen Gupta recognized this scenario in 2003 and has studied innovation for the knowledge age drawing parallel to time motion studies of the industrial age in late 19th or early 20th century. He focused on pursuing science of innovation so it can be understood better, taught in academia, utilized in industry, and standardized to make it predictable, pervasive, and profitable. Currently, his innovation curriculum is being taught at Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Illinois, and several other leading Universities.

Praveen Gupta is an Adjunct Industry Professor for teaching Business Innovation at IIT School of Applied Technology, a Visiting Lecturer for teaching Innovation for Engineers at University of Illinois, and internationally recognized thought leader in the Process Management, Corporate Performance, Six Sigma and Innovation fields. He is the author of many books including Business Innovation in the 21st Century (2007), The Six Sigma Performance Handbook (2005), and Six Sigma Business Scorecard (2003). He has conducted workshops internationally and speaks frequently on business management topics.

Professor Gupta is also President of Accelper Consulting, which consults with organizations in Lean Six Sigma and innovation areas. He is pursuing the innovation change in society through innovation education at the college level, and training and certification programs for corporations.


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Bill Wentz, '88 
Roundtable Coordinator