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On 23rd June, the Bank of England will release a new £50 note featuring Alan Turing, whose work on cryptography helped crack the Nazi's Enigma code and paved the way for artificial intelligence and even cryptocurrency. Despite his remarkable contributions, Turing was persecuted during his lifetime for being gay.

To celebrate Turing's legacy and the value that difference in identity, experience, and thought brings to technological innovation, Chicago Booth will host on the 23rd of June a special event in the school's D&I Dialogues series—From Alan Turing to Today: How diversity and inclusion can drive innovation in technology.

The event features Erika Brodnock, cofounder of Kami and cofounder and head of research for Extend Ventures, and Juergen Maier, chair of Digital Catapult and former chief executive of Siemens UK, in conversation with Booth professor and deputy dean Randall S. Kroszner. Panelists will discuss the role of diverse backgrounds in spurring innovation and the ways in which technology can support (or in the case of flawed AI, undermine) Diversity & Inclusion efforts. The event will also explore steps the tech industry—from funders to start-ups to well-established companies—can take to foster inclusion and innovation.


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