Professor Kremer will discuss the experimental approach and its effect on both science and innovation.


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Chicago, Illinois

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Professor Kremer plans to discuss his interest in development economics; field experiments; education, health, water, and agriculture in developing countries.  Professor Kremer also has an expertise in the ways in which larger institutions can transform to continue to address global poverty.


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Deadline: 6/10/2021

Speaker Profiles

Professor Michael Kremer (Speaker)
University Professor in Economics and the College and the Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago

Professor Kremer is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship and a Presidential Faculty Fellowship, and was named a Young Global Leader by the the World Economic Forum, and director of the Development Innovation Lab. 

Professor Kremer is 2019 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences.


John Salvino, '06 
Chairman, Chicago Booth Finance Roundtable