Join the University of Chicago Masters of Science in Analytics (MScA) "Best-in-Show" Capstone winners from the Summer and Autumn quarters as they present


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Join the "Best-in-Show" Capstone winners from the Summer and Autumn quarters as they present at the Roundtable. 

Title: Build a system to recommend healthier food alternatives to customers while shopping online
Faculty Advisor: Anil Chaturvedi
The United States Department of Health and Human Services recommends that consumers in the US need to improve their eating habits to meet recommended dietary guidelines. Frequently people choose poor nutrition quality products since the product labels offer difficult-to-understand and complex nutrition content of the product, and they lack information on better and healthier food alternatives at the point of purchase.
Our research focuses on developing an online recommendation system to help customers' select healthier food alternatives by providing them with targeted food recommendations based on overall measure of nutrition of food items. Consumers, online food retailers, and the government will all benefit from using this comprehensive nutrition measure. The nutrition score provides consumers with an easy-to-understand score during their shopping experience, provides online food retailers with additional revenue from premium food sales, and improves the overall health of the populace. We develop a new and novel measure that computes the wholesome nutrient content of food items based on ingredients and processing methods. It incorporates methodologies suggested in academic literature in the field of health and nutrition. We use the nutrition score in comparing three data science methods based on machine learning models to recommend alternate healthier food options to people while shopping online, based on their shopping history, nutrition scores and prices of food items.

Title: Analysis of Chicago Traffic Collisions and Transportation Network Provider Utilization."
Faculty Advisor: Arnab Bose
This paper evaluated the impact of transportation network providers (TNP) on collisions in Chicago by assessing how localized pick-up and drop-off rates influence traffic safety in census tracts. Initial exploratory data analysis found a significant positive relationship between collision rate and TNP volume. This relationship was determined in the first quarter of 2012, right after the introduction of TNP at the end of 2011. To further analyze this finding at the census tract level, we used a Quasi-Poisson model with Inverse Probability Weighting to account for confounding and found a significant positive relationship. The study findings will be used by the City of Chicago in policies to reduce traffic collisions.


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Speaker Profiles

Yiyan (James) Wan (Speaker)

James is a recent graduate from MScA program and has a professional background in accounting and auditing. He worked as a senior associate at PwC and currently interns as a data analyst at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Chicago.

Reshma Patil (Speaker)

Reshma is a recent graduate from MScA program. Reshma has a professional experience of 8+years in data science and computational biology. She has worked in healthcare, media, finance, and agribusiness domains across a range of use cases in south east Asia. She will be joining FedEx as a Data Science Advisor.

Rameez Jafri (Speaker)

Rameez is also recently graduated from MScA program. He has worked as a senior data analyst at Avlon Industries and now going to be a data scientist at Cleveland Clinic.

Brett Adlard (Speaker)

Brett is a fixed income strategist and researcher interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence in finance, robotics, and underserved markets, MScA Alumnus, Summer 2020.

Aaron Kaczmarek (Speaker)

Aaron is a Lead Content Development Specialist at a large educational technology company, MScA Spring 2021

Dara Madrid (Speaker),

Dara works in pharmaceutical data management, electronic data capture, and key risk development for site compliance and data integrity, MScA Alumna, Summer 2020.


Roger L Moore, '92