Harnessing Empathy in the Digital Age to Gain Deeper Insights

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

January 22, 2021: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Join Consumer Eyes founder Ron Rentel as he explains the importance of making empathy the cornerstone of your user research for the COVID era and beyond.


Online Webinar
Chicago, Illinois

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Today, when so many cultural and ideological rifts seem to be pulling us further apart, it's more important than ever that we intentionally cultivate the ability to build real connections with one another. Empathy is more than the ability to relate to another person's point of view: it's a transformative experience that can provide powerful insight into the lives of those around us, including our target consumers. 

Since 1991, Consumer Eyes, a global brand and innovation agency has been at the forefront of consumer insights research, conducting projects around the world for a wide variety of clients, including Mondelez, Colgate, American Express, Samsung and Unilever. Having pioneered the consumer immersion process over twenty years ago, CE continues to evolve new tools and methodologies rooted in empathy and the belief that consumers need to be understood as people, not research subjects.

Key points covered in this presentation will include:

-The fundamentals of empathy and active listening
-How to apply empathic thinking to insight-mining research
-Empathy in the time of COVID: How to conduct empathy-based research using digital/virtual tools


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Speaker Profiles

Ron Rentel (Speaker)
President, Consumer Eyes; Partner, Semiovox; Investor/Advisor

Ron founded Consumer Eyes, a global brand and innovation agency in 1991 after working for 6 years with Gerald Schoenfeld, Inc., a pioneering innovation company.

By continuing to reach out for new ways to explore consumers' minds and motivations, Ron co-founded BuzzBack, Inc. (an online market research company) in 2000, and Semiovox (a semiotics agency) in 2014. More recently, Ron has become an advisor and investor for founder based start-ups across a range of industries. He is also a mentor at Food-X, the NYC based food accelerator.

Ron is on the Board of Directors for LINC (Literacy, Inc.) which works to inspire and enlist communities to create a better future for children through literacy. Ron is an avid foodie, a devout traveler and a lifelong learner.


Ketan Vaghani, '09