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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Presented by Alumni Club of Malaysia

Unicorns are privately held startups valued at over $1 billion. This mythical animal represents the rarity of such ventures.

But unicorns are not that rare anymore. Technology innovations such as smartphones, social media and cloud has powered the growth of unicorns. According to CB Insights, there were 483 unicorns in the world as of July 2020.

Unicorns follow a get-big-fast strategy whereby they try to gain an advantage on market share through price cutting in order and push away rival competitors as rapidly as possible.

Additionally, through many funding rounds, they do not necessarily need to go through an IPO to obtain a capital or a higher valuation; they can just go back to their investors for more capital, sometimes through buyouts from large public companies, which often lack good internal investment projects.

But is this strategy sustainable in the long term? How can a get-fast-big unicorn turn into a sustainable multibillion-dollar company?

The hot seat of monetization and profitability is what drives the difference. Two Chicago Booth Chief Commercial Officers at two leading internet giants in South East Asia will discuss about it in this webinar.


Antoine de Carbonnel, '99
Chief Commercial Officer, Go-Jek

Hari Vijayarajan, '10
Group Chief Commercial Officer, ONE Championship

Pedro Uria-Recio , '11
Group Head of Analytics & AI, Axiata Group Berhad


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Pedro URIA RECIO, '11 

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