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Got questions on making a will in India and ensuring that it is watertight? Not sure how to get going? Then this webinar is for you.

7 pm IST | 8:30 am CDT | 2:30 pm BST | 9:30 pm HKT


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Chennai, India

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There has been a surge in interest among people lately to draw up a will; this is just one example. The subject even figured in a recent discussion within the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of India's messaging group.

To answer general questions that members of our alumni community may have, we bring you this webinar, in which an experienced lawyer will provide guidelines for making a will and address pressing questions.

This is going to be a discussion for a layperson. For this reason, there is no suggested reading material.

The discussion will be at a basic level, in English rather than legalese. The objective is not to make each participant an expert in the law of wills. Rather, it is to help them make informed choices while making a will of their own, should they decide to do so after this session. Note that the discussion will relate only to Indian laws.


7-7:15 Introductions

7:15 - 7:45 Presentation

7:45-8:00 QnA


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Deadline: 7/2/2020

Speaker Profiles

B. Mohan (Speaker)
Indipendent Law Practitioner

B. Mohan is an independent law practitioner based in Chennai. He has over two decades of experience on various aspects of law, including civil and criminal law. He practices on both the trial and appellate side in the sub-ordinate courts and also the Madras High Court. Further, he has experience, since 2003, in conducting cases before the Supreme Court of India. He has also been a public prosecutor for the Central Bureau of Investigation for over six years (2012–2018). He graduated with a BL degree from Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College, Chennai in 1998.

S. Anil Kumar (Moderator) '09
Founder and CEO, FreeElective LLC


S. Anil Kumar, '09 

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