33rd Annual Pro-Am Investment Challenge (Entries due by 11:59PM PST)

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

January 19, 2020

The annual ProAm Investment Challenge is a stock picking contest started by the Booth Alumni Club of Atlanta in 1987, which now includes Booth clubs in other cities.


Online Webinar
Chicago, Illinois

Event Details

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for this unique event that challenges professional and amateur investors alike to generate the greatest total return for a hypothetical investment portfolio. The annual Pro-Am Investment Challenge is a stock-picking contest open to alumni or faculty members of the University of Chicago. Booth alumni compete for bragging rights. In addition, city performance is compiledand a traveling trophy goes to the best performing club. Participants submit a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio of at least two and not more than five securities, which may be common or preferred stocks traded on U.S. markets, corporate or U.S. Treasury bonds, cash, or T-bills (please refer to the contest rules for complete details). Results will be tabulated after the close of the year.

Entries are due by 11:59 pm PST Sunday January 19, 2020. Enter at this link.


No Charge


John Shepard (Atlanta Booth Alumni Club), '87