Join Chicago Booth and UChicago alumni for this unique leadership skills program in collaboration with the Brussels Philharmonic orchestra. This program will run from November 2019 till March 2020 and is open to University of Chicago alumni only.


Brussels, Belgium

Event Details

The program is made up of 3 successive steps, spread from November 2019 till March 2020:

1. We will start with the "final product": you will attend, as VIP, a concert of the Brussels Philharmonic, together with a person of your choice. Five dates are possible, up to the participants' choice: 09, 16, 22 November, 13 December or 31 January. Private meetings with conductors and soloists are foreseen making your choice between these 5 very attractive possibilities might not be easy. Please note that this is the only step in the program where you can be accompanied with a person of your choice.

2. The participants will attend a rehearsal session in the midst of an orchestra, followed by a lecture focusing on the role of a conductor in comparison to a C-level executive.
Being part of a rehearsal, in the midst of the orchestra is a very special experience: not only can you see how an orchestra works, who has which role and how a piece is shaped during that process, but, being on stage with the musicians, you can feel the energy, the vibrations of trombones or percussion going through your body, ... To be in a spot where normally you will never be as member of the audience is a moment not to forget.
Although we are not able to confirm the name of the lecturer for the moment (we have various possibilities open), we can already assure it will be very inspiring.
The rehearsal session is foreseen on January 27th, 2020.

3. The participants will attend an interactive rehearsal session with a small ensemble of musicians (+/- 15) and a conductor, with a focus on issues like internal communication, direct feedback, various leadership styles, conflict solving ... The audience-members will recognize issues that they are confronted with in their daily environments, and might see interesting alternative angles to tackle certain problems by seeing and hearing how an orchestral ensemble works on these issues.
The interactive session should find place on March 19th, 2020 (date to be confirmed however)

The whole program is organized outside of normal office hours (evening sessions).

Financial participation and registration

For logistical reasons, the number of participants will be strictly limited to maximum 40 (plus 40 significant others only attending the concert at the first step of the program).

This is a program open to University of Chicago alumni only.  

There is no registration fee required for the accompanying person for the first concert. There is no possibility to register separately for only one of the steps of the program.

We do not need the name of the invited person or the chosen date for the concert at this time. You will be contacted personally after registration with additional practical information.

Looking forward to seeing you together with the Brussels Philharmonic!



Full program will amount to 130€ for alumni who paid their membership fee in 2019

155€ for alumni non-members.

participants will be registered only after we received the payment of the fee:
- 130€ for alumni members OR 155€ for alumni non-members
- To the account of the University of Chicago Alumni in Belgium: BE 52 2100 5555 7309
- Communication: "Your Name – Leadership Program"


Yves Van Hooland, ’94