Save the Date: 3rd Singapore Booth Forum

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Singapore

September 21, 2019: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Keep your date free for the third Singapore Booth Forum scheduled on 21 September 2019!


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Singapore, Singapore

Event Details

Started in 2017, the Singapore Booth Forum is the capstone event organised by the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Singapore.

The Singapore Booth Forum brings together senior corporate leaders and thinkers from the Chicago Booth Alumni network and prominent individuals in Singapore to discuss pressing regional and global issues of the day.

This year, our full-day event will focus on Leading Change – Transforming Tomorrow, Today.

Globally, the debate on inequality has moved beyond just looking at income distribution and increasingly into access to opportunities. Second, technological advances have led to a major re-think of how we ought to organize ourselves as a society and as an organization. The widely acknowledged Industry 4.0 transformations is expected to disrupt and upend labor markets with predictions of job losses coming from AI and robotics replacing workers. Finally, the demographic dividends enjoyed by many developing nations in the past are fast eroding. Communities are increasingly aging. All these in a world experiencing significant climate change and geopolitical tensions.

  • Is the current system of meritocracy and access to opportunities unfairly organized to benefit the well off? What can we do to balance this equation as corporate and society's leaders?
  • What can we do to address this disruption? How are emerging markets evolving and where are the opportunities?
  • Where are the opportunities for countries and corporate leaders to maneuver through this fog?

Join us to hear where the trends are on these issues while networking with the Booth alumni community across Asia.

Registrations will commence in July with more information on our speakers and Guest-of-Honour. Stay tuned!

For more information, contact Aslam Sardar '10.


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Aslam Sardar '10